the beauty of simplicity


Julia is a versatile talent, prior to pursuing a career in the US, she was in the theater production Journey to the Center of the Earth produced by Marcelo Serrado, which won the Shell Award (Premio Shell), comparable to the Tony Award in the US. She also worked as an actress for acclaimed director Augusto Boal, who was nominated for the Nobel Prize in 2008. She worked as an actress for TV Globo, the most prestigious TV network in Brazil.

Julia is currently the on-camera host for Hollywood TV, stand-up comedian, actress. She’s a NY VIP and became a friend of the high powered celebrities, interviewing them on the red carpet at film premieres and other exclusive events - stars such as: George Clooney, Kevin Spacey, Colin Firth, Ryan Gosling, Sofia Vergara, Steven Spielberg, Robert DeNiro, Robert Redford, Tom Cruise, among others. She's also a stand-up comedian, and creator of the first Brazilian Comedy Show called The Brazilian Hour at The Stand Comedy Club in NYC. Everyone wants a piece of her!